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Machinery Valuation Services

Chartered Engineer Services as Plant and Machinery Valuation Services.

CompuBee® offers Plant and Machinery Valuation Services. We have chartered engineers who are registered as Chartered Engineers for valuation of Second Hand Equipment and Machinery on panel of:

For income tax related valuations, our chartered engineers are also registered with Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Thane for valuation of plant and machinery under Wealth Tax Act. 1957 under section 34AB. For valuation of plant, machinery and equipment we are also on the panel of Banks like:

Our engineers are also registered with Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board Of India (IBBI) for valuation related to Companies Act 2013 (amended in 2016).

Our chartered engineers go to the desired place for physical inspection and carry out the inspection of equipment and machinery and after verifying the results issue valuation certificates.
CompuBee® through our chartered engineers carry out inspection and equipment value appraisals for Machinery Valuation Services related to:

Before taking the valuation work, we first identify the objective or purpose of the valuation and state it in our certificate along with other details.

Aspects of Valuations

Other aspects which include in our Chartered Engineer certificate are:

Basis of Valuation

We generally take into consideration following technical aspects pertaining to valuation:

Availability Of Data And Information

Since we carry out visual inspection without physically opening the machine / testing the machine vibrations, etc. the availability of data is important in determining the timing and cost of any machinery and equipment appraisal. We typically require data such as asset listings, purchase orders, invoices, maintenance logs, and financial statements for completing our appraisal.

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