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Software Solutions for Metal Industry

Software Solutions for Metal Industry

With the complexities in metal production increasing on one side and the stringent chemical composition requirements of customers on other side have huge impact the production cost of metals (such as iron / steel / aluminium / copper). This has taken its toll on the profitability of the plant. We understand this scenario and have tied up with world leader in the field of charge mixing software to bring the best of the breed software solutions for the service of metal manufacturers in Indian sub-continent.

This charge mixing software models various constraints in production of steel / iron / aluminium / copper and determines the least-cost combination of materials needed to product a given heat , lineup or production schedule. The software includes optimization models for single-heat charge, multi-heat campaigns, purchase planning, alloy additions, under-crane loading, and marshaling yard planning.

All models provide the ability to do “what-if” scenarios and to analyze the costs associated with various constraints.

With the use of this software our clients have consistently realized material cost savings of 3-30% and greater. If you add the energy costs, the opportunity costs of making the correct chemical composition in first go, the cost savings are even more significant and due to this cost savings the software not only pays for itself, but also adds precious profit the kitty.

For this purpose, CompuBee® has partnered with world leader company in this area “M/s. AMV Soluciones De Software” to bring in their world class products to India. M/s. AMV Soluciones De Software has developed a product called ALEA, which is getting used in many leading casting and foundry organizations across the globe and savings millions of US Dollars of costs for these companies. By also giving the correct product mixture in minimal time, it is saving saving precious energy resources and helping the society to keep our mother earth clean and with lesser pollution.


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