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CompuBee ® along with M3 Systems Inc. bags extension order for ERP 3rd party interface


CompuBee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. along with M3 Systems Inc. bags extension order for ERP 3rd party interface

March 16, 2016–Thane

CompuBee® Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been developing an interface between Infor ERP LN® and best of the breed 3rd party software using Infor ION® (Intelligent Open Network) for one of its client which is based in the USA. CompuBee® had bagged this order with its USA associate company M/s. M3 Systems Inc.
Infor ION® is a state-of-the-art interface tool and uses XML files for integration. Infor® has recently launched this tool for integration between two different software and very few companies across the globe have used this technology.

In Infor ION®, the integration XML files creation / reading can be triggered at predetermined interval or depending upon events such as insertion of a master data / updation of a master data. In this integration, CompuBee has developed data transfer of master data (add / update / delete), transaction data (add / update / delete) from ERP system to the third party best of the breed software. Once the 3rd party software generates its transaction data, it is again imported back into the Infor ERP LN® system using Infor ION® to keep it up-to-date to reflect the real-time changes occurred in the 3rd party software.

For development of this interface, CompuBee® studied the details of third party best of the breed software so that the data transfer between that software and Infor ERP LN® happens without any hassles using Infor ION®. After seeing the success in the preliminary interface development, the client increased the scope of work to cover more integration points between Infor ERP LN® and the best of breed third party software.

About M3 Systems Inc.

M3-Systems, which is based at 837, Hazelwood, Pittsburgh PA 15217, USA provides innovative, enterprise-wide business solutions. M3 Systems’ experience with Infor dates to the original Baan days progressing to the latest Infor ERP LN release.

About CompuBee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

CompuBee® was established in the year 2008 to offer IT related services in Thane a rapidly growing suburb of commercial capital of India i. e. Mumbai. Later on CompuBee® added various services in its portfolio including ERP Services, Project Management Consulting Services, Business Process Re-engineering services, Engineering Consulting Services, Software Development and Management services and Web Development Services.
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